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The Kiwi Runners' Family Tree: Volume One 1800s to 1999

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The Kiwi Runners' Family Tree tells the stories of over one hundred running related athletes and coaches, focusing on the interconnections between the generations as well as the important relationships within those generations. This family tree has well-grounded roots, a strong trunk and a vast amount of experience, knowledge and inspiration coursing through its branches.

The book expertly tells the many interrelated stories of New Zealand's runners, from sprinters through to ultramarathoners, as well as hurdlers, steeplechasers, race walkers and Para athletes. Each chapter incapsulates athletes' achievements, inspirations, coaches and compatriots.

The athletes' stories, some never been told before, are complemented by many fascinating photos.The Kiwi Runners' Family Tree features more than twenty personal interviews with athletes, administrators and coaches, to ensure historical and statistical accuracy.